Launching TokenDesk News

Hello Steemians,

The mission statement of TokenDesk , is to provide you a wide-range of crypto topics ranging from blockchains, STOs to SMTs. We are the first ever dedicated news desk solely using the Steem blockchain to report the news.

How Will This Benefit Steem and SteemIt?

We plan on hiring Steemians to post on TokenDeskNews and let them get rewarded with their posts. By integrating into the Blockchain we feel this is a start and a trend for “blogs” and any sort of medium that is a writing medium to move to the blockchain. We’ll be writing another log how you can join the TokenDesk News team!

Finally, with SMTs on the horizon we’ll be the go-to blog to get your SMT project out to the crypto-world & SteemIt community.

More to come! We’d appreciate your support.

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